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"Year Of the Commission" 2017 (Limited Edition Original Commissioned Art)

The Year of the Commission is back! I am attempting to sell 365 original commissioned works - one for each day of the year. These will be original black and white pen and ink drawings drawn on 5 x 7 archival smooth bristol board.  

Since I did the switch to 100% digital drawing, it means I rarely work on real pen and paper any longer. It also means my physical pieces of art are getting more and more rare. 

I am pricing these pieces pretty low - $75.  Just to give you a comparison, my recent DIGITAL pieces are selling for up to $400+.  I am drawing you an ORIGINAL piece of art, commissioned by you for a fraction of that cost. I feel that gives this particular product quite a bit of value. 

A couple of ground rules about the commissions:  Because the price on these are so low, I am not allowing any group shots.  Please keep your commission to one figure only with a very minimal background description. Also, I am not doing color on these, except maybe some spot color or a gray touch here and there.  Depending on the number of these I sell, there may be an extended wait time on your drawing.  I will be drawing these in the order i get them. I do work fast, but I also don't want to rush them so  I appreciate your patience as I work through these commissions.  

There are only 365 being made available of these original drawings, so spread the word and order today! 


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