The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

Len's Ongoing Commission Project Collection

My laptop is on its last legs!  In rely on my laptop to do live events and demos, as well as produce the show CreatureGeek. Now would be the perfect time to hire me for an illustration!

Feel free to order something below. Or if you have a specific request, use the  contact form here.


Hey guys!

I am still taking commissions and selling original art to supplement my income! There are a lot of gift-giving opportunities coming up.  So rather than just getting a boring old gift like everyone else, why not commission me for something cool?  My commissions make great gifts for everyone and everyone in between!  And if you have something else in mind that's not on this page, feel free to contact me through the "About Len" section of the site and ask me about a specific commission.

Thanks for looking!




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