The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

18 x 24 Canvas Print Framed (Existing Art)

Have you purchased a Geekimal, 50 vs 50 a Geeky Pinup or another commission from me with the past three years?  If so, rejoice!  Because I now have the ability to turn your small 8.5 x 11 print into a LARGE SIZE 18 x 24 size box framed canvas print!  Imagine your superhero or villain turned into a large size hangable print ready to display proudly on your wall.  This is the first time I've ever offered my art at this size, let alone framed.  I'm so excited! They look absolutely fantastic.

So here is the deal: before you place your order, please e-mail at monsterbymail at gmail to determine whether or not your commission fits the bill.  It probably will, but I want to make sure I can turn the art into large format before you commit.  If it fits the bill, go ahead and order and I'll get the whole process started! 

 Unfortunately, I am not offering this product outside of the United States at the moment.

What is a box frame?  This means that the frame is invisible. There is a wood structure on which the canvas is stretched and stapled.  You will not see a physical frame on these pieces.


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