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I Wanna Draw Monsters Digital 5 x 7 Drawing (with optional video)

I wanted to go back to my roots and do something that reminded me of my childhood and that was Monsters! I loved drawing monsters as a child. It gave me great joy to draw monsters on a Saturday afternoon while I watched old 50's horror flicks.  Godzilla! Rodan!  Frankenstein! Werewolves!  Vampires! I spent more time drawing monsters than anything else growing up.

Now I want to go back to that time and create monsters for everyone!  You'll get a hi-res 5x7 digital drawing of your monster to share with the world! You can also choose a speed drawing video of me creating your monster. It's really very cool!

The process is very simple.

1) Name Your Monster: You can email me later you order! Don't worry about coming up with it on the spot!

2) Wait Patiently. Depending on how many orders I have. It may be a few days before your monster arrives in your inbox. Sometimes, you may even get your monster the same day!

3) Share your monster with the world!  Your monster wants to see daylight (or moonlight depending). You'll have a hi-res file that you can share on all your favorite social media channels! They also make great avatars!

Please keep it one monster per order.  The space to draw the monster is smallish and I want to make sure your creature can breathe and thrive.

Thanks for ordering and scratching the itch of just wanting to draw monsters!



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