The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

"QuickBits" Digital Commissions w/ FREE speed drawing vid!

Looking for a quick and easy gift of art?  Introducing "QuickBits" digital commissions. 

What are Quickbits? Quickbits are quickly drawn, black and white, 5 x 7 digital drawings. They also come with a time-lapse speed drawing absolutely free! They make for a fun quick piece of art that you can share quickly online or with a friend.  Plus, they are high enough res that you can print it out either at home or at your favorite printer and get it framed as a gift!

Is there anything I need to know about QuickBits before I order? Because the essence of the idea is that they are quick, please keep your commission idea to one character only. This isn't the product if you want a family portrait or a group gathering (although I do those too!). Think quick, fun and sharable.

These are priced to be fun, quick and easy to share! So order your Quickbit today!


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