The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

TenState: Issue 1-5 (Scott Johnson Variant Cover)

"What divides America? Can we overcome our differences?   This Fall on ABN, find out! 10 Americans, from all walks of life--, from different backgrounds-- different viewpoints- forced to live together in a self-sufficient biodome, cut off from the rest of the world. They’ll strive to meet the challenges of working together AND Survive the Challenges of --THE COMMITTEE. Will they stand united or Fall... Divided.  THE TEN.  This FALL Only on ABN..."

When an unknown tragedy befalls the sequestered cast of a reality show called The Ten, the group is forced to work with one another despite their differences. This is TenState, the start of a new comic series by artist Len Peralta and writer Tom Merritt. This edition features the first five issues of the Kickstarter funded comic. It also includes a Bleeding Cool interview with the creators, pencil sketches, concept sketches and an alternate cover gallery.

This edition features a limited edition variant cover by artist Scott Johnson.  VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE!


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