The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

Frank Conniff "Glen Or Glenda" - DragonCon 2015 Reel Crimes Original Sketch

At DragonCon 2015, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff and Bill Corbett did a panel called "Reel Crimes" where they defended movies that they felt were good although the general moviegoing public does not agree. Frank's movie was "Glen or Glenda".  Since it was similar to that of a courtroom setting, I was the official court reporter.  I drew three original drawings during the panel.  This is one of the three. It depicts Frank Conniff drawn as Ed Wood cross-dressing as Glen or Glenda  This is an original drawing painted with a Pentel pocket brush pen and Prismacolor grayscale markers.  It's is on drawn on ultra-white card stock paper.  Sized 8.5 x 11. Suitable for framing. Comes with a COA. 1/1


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