The Geeky Art of Len Peralta

UComic! Personalized FULL COLOR Comic 11x17 Print AUTOGRAPHED!

 UComics: A comic starring YOU!

Do you dream of being a super hero?  Star athlete?  Does your child or grandchild wish they were a pirate or a wizard?  

Acclaimed artist Len Peralta (Geek a Week) and award winning writer Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces) can make that dream come true on the page with UComics! A comic starring YOU!

The perfect gift for anyone in your life is a custom made, five panel comic, written and drawn especially for them. Also perfect for new babies, wedding gifts, birthdays or other occasions.

After you order, we will send you a simple questionnaire on personality and favorite things. Submit it with photos and anything else you think would be helpful to creating your comic and Jessica and Len will make it happen!

This is a PRINTED FULL COLOR version of the UComic. You will receive an 11 x 17 print of your UComic AUTHOGRAPHED by Writer Jessica Mills and Artist Len Peralta! See the other items in this collection for variants,


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